Systemic Transdermal Oestrogen

Transdermal oestrogen can be given as either a patch or a gel. 


Oestrogen can be applied morning or night. Rub the gel into the outside of your upper arm (shoulder to elbow) or inside of your upper thigh.

Do not apply additional creams or moisturisers to the area used for gel before applying gel or for an hour afterwards. 

If you use more than one pump of gel or sachet apply one pump to one area and use another area for the second pump or sachet. 

We may need to adjust your progesterone dose on higher doses of oestrogen and will discuss this in your consultations. 


Oestrogen gel often comes in a ‘pump pack’, the pump measures one dose. Most women use between 2-4 pumps of gel a day. If you need more than 2 pumps of Oestrogel it is better to split the dose between morning & evening.

Sandrena Gel

  • Ostrogen gel in sachets 0.5mg or 1mg sachets. 
  • Useful for travel or lifestyle.

Lenzetto spray

  • Pre-measured spay easily absorbed.
  • Maximum dose 3 sprays.

  • Ultra-low: 1⁄2 pump or 1/2 x 0.5mg sachet
  • Low: 1 pump/ 0.5mg sachet
  • Medium: 2 pumps/ 1-1.5mg sachet
  • High: 3-4 pumps/ 2- 3mg sachet (high dose)


Patches provide an even dose every 24 hours and last for 4 days. They are applied twice a week to any area below the waist. They are effective in relieving both short- term symptoms and, if taken for longer, the long-term complications of the menopause. Patches are usually changed twice a week for example, if you put one on a Monday then you change it on a Thursday. Patches can stay on in the shower and when exercising. If patches are not sticking well, it may be worth trying a different brand or switching to gel or spray.

You may be prescribed a patch and a spray to use together to increase your oestrogen doses.

  • Low: 25mcg
  • Medium: 50mcg
  • High: 75mcg -100mcg