One Ashford Patient Information

Patient information for all those who attend our Minter et Al Clinic at One Ashford Hospital. 

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us noting you are a One Ashford patient. 

As a One Ashford Clinic patient you have access to the onsite pharmacy for support as well. 

Contact Lisa to book appointments for you, upload documents or help with any forms.

Telephone: 0333 242 3182

If you have any relevant blood tests, summary letters, clinic letters, scans and consultant letters from other providers please upload them and they will be attached to your medical records we hold for you.

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We feel very strongly that the consultation forms a large part of a patient’s therapeutic journey, therefore we do not conduct consultations or answer clinical queries by email.  Email communication is reserved for clarification of appointments reinforcement/clarification of prescribing advice.

Quick questions and queries can be answered in between appointments by booking below or a phone call via Lisa George, medical secretary at a cost of £45

For complicated issues you may be advised or request to move your follow appointment to an earlier date to discuss your care.  

Prescriptions issued outside of a consultation incur a fee of £35.

You can update how we communicate with your GP email and provide more contact information if needed 

In our effort to be more environmentally and security conscious, we are transitioning to sending letters to your GP within 10 days following your appointment. To facilitate this, we kindly request your GP’s email address. If you are unable to provide this information, you may print a copy of the letter and submit it to your surgery, as we will no longer be sending letters by post. Please complete the GP email details using the following link

It is important you notify us quickly of any changes to your medical history, medications, allergies or healthcare providers so we can review this in the context of the care we provide. Update medical history, allergy status, medications or healthcare provider information.

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We will ask you to complete a symptom survey before each appointment to monitor your treatment » Take survey

All our patient information leaflets can be found here – Private patent information 

When you are issued a prescription in clinic it will be on a private prescription initially so you can get started on your regime.  

Once you have started on your HRT or settled on your dose you can make an appointment with your GP and ask them to continue prescribing your HRT on an NHS prescription.  Each time you have an appointment we share a copy of your GP letter with you and your GP that will provide further information on your care to date.  Once your GP has initiated your prescription you can continue your medications on an NHS prescription.  There are now HRT certificates available to reduce the costs of your prescriptions.

HRT PPC is a newly launched certificate that will help people in England who are experiencing symptoms of menopause to access and save money on medicines.  For a one-off payment of £19.30, patients will be able to order and collect as many HRT medicines as they need for 12 months. The certificate is equivalent to the cost of 2 single prescriptions.  A variety of HRT treatments are covered by the HRT PCC.  You can find the full list of qualifying medicines on the website

Although eligible patients can save on HRT medicines using the HRT PPC, they will still be expected to pay prescription charges for non-HRT medicines. However, if you are regularly prescribed a non-HRT medicine alongside an HRT treatment, you could still benefit from the cost savings that come with an HRT PPC. This is because the overall cost of your HRT medicines will be reduced.  Your pharmacist may ask you to get two separate prescriptions from your GP so that they can correctly dispense your medicines to you.

Alternatively, they might dispense your HRT and non-HRT medicines at the same time. If they do, they will charge for all items and fill out a refund form for the HRT item. Any refunds you are eligible for must be claimed within 3 months of buying your prescription items.

When you’re ready to collect your NHS prescription, show your pharmacist your PPC. They’ll accept either a digital or paper copy..  They’ll also ask you to fill out an exemption declaration.

Your HRT PPC will last for 12 months.

If we discussed testosterone, we will have discussed that Androfeme is currently available on a private prescription but male preparations of testosterone are available on an NHS prescription.

If you prefer the convenience of private prescriptions these can also be set up on a yearly repeat for you with the hospital pharmacy or one of our online pharmacies. Example prices are available here 

We really appreciate patient journeys being written in your words.  We will always anonymise information.  They are so helpful in teaching, talks and engagement work we do.  Women will often see themselves and identify with the patient journeys  which will help signpost them to more support and help.  If you would like to write any thoughts down on paper please do email this to

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