Frequently Asked Questions

New Patients

Click on the Book Consultations tab in the menu to be taken to our live booking calendar.
Once booked and fee paid, you will receive some medical forms to electronically complete. Your clinician will contact you before your appointment if anything needs clarifying.

If we determine after reviewing your health questionnaire, that you would be better served by a different service, we will refund the cost of your appointment and direct you to a practitioner that would be more appropriate based on your clinical need.

All our consultations are via telephone or video link via our secure platform. For indemnity purposes we are only able to offer telephone or video consultations if you are in the UK. 

You do not need a referral. This a service you can choose and freely access by contacting us directly.
If you have any relevant past medical letters / blood tests, there will be an opportunity for you to share these with us securely before your appointment.

Presently not. Unfortunately private health insurance companies class menopause as a natural process of ageing so will not cover this. It is unacceptable in our view as we would view it is a hormone deficiency. A man’s prostate enlarging is also a natural process of aging but that is of course covered by health insurance. It is not equitable. 

Yes we do. All options will be discussed at your consultation.  To learn more about body identical and bio identical HRT please click here

No but we can direct you as to how and where you can organise one to be fitted.

We feel strongly that the consultation forms a large part of a patient’s therapeutic journey, therefore we do not conduct consultations by email. Email communication is reserved for clarification of appointments and reinforcement and clarification of prescribing advice.

Existing Patients

Please email or telephone 03332423182.  We do not offer an out of hours service or an emergency service.  For emergency needs please contact NHS providers via 111 or 999.

We can organise blood tests nationwide. Please click for more information here.  Once your results are available they will be reviewed by a clinician and shared with you via a secure link.  If all is well we will discuss them at your next appointment or you can book in to discuss them further. 

Some women feel an improvement very quickly and for others it can take up to 3 months.  To use the analogy ‘it is like filling an empty tank’.  Once your have filled the tank then you feel great.  Some women plateaux at this point and don’t feel they are getting as much benefit and may need to increase or change their dosage or way oestrogen is applied. This is why we review you at 3 months. 

We will share a secure link containing a letter to you summarising what was covered in the appointment and the plan of care agreed along with useful information.  Usually within 7-10 days. ​Your GP will also be emailed a copy of this letter, unless you have said you prefer for your GP not to be contacted.

We use an online licensed pharmacy that can dispense and courier your medications to you. We can also post you a paper prescription via Recorded Royal Mail to your registered address for an additional £35 fee.

A yearly consultation will be needed to provide HRT on an ongoing basis.  If we have prescribed Androfeme (testosterone) you will need a blood test within 3-6 months of starting this treatment followed by a yearly review and blood test. 

To order a repeat prescription please contact us via the patient page and we will ask few questions to see if any of your medical history has changed and organise a repeat prescription for you.