Symptom Checker

The Menopause Symptom Checker may identify symptoms that you may not have associated with your menopause journey. 

This tool involves a questionnaire addressing a wide range of symptoms, from anxiety and depression to hot flushes and hormonal issues. Each symptom is rated in terms of frequency and intensity over the past week. Total scores indicate the overall severity of menopausal symptoms.

The Menopause Symptom Checker is helpful in interpreting the impact of these symptoms, guiding individualised care. It proves particularly useful before treatment and during follow-ups, offering insights for your hormone journey.

Menopause symptoms
Heart beating quickly and strongly
Feeling tense or nervous
Difficulty in sleeping
Excitable / easily upset
Attacks of panic
Difficulty in concentrating
Feeling tired or lacking in energy
Loss of interest in most things
Feeling unhappy or depressed
Crying spells
Feeling dizzy or faint
Pressure or tightness in head or body
Parts of body feeling numb or tingling
Muscle or joint pains
Loss of feeling in hands or feet
Breathing difficulties
Hot flushes
Sweating at night
Loss of interest in sex