Contraceptive and Sexual Health Clinic

Our virtual contraceptive and sexual health clinic offers a holistic approach to reproductive health providing individualised advice on menstrual health, vaginal health, contraception and sexual health.

We provide personalised consultations in a private confidential appointment, scheduled at your convenience, with a dedicated clinician available to assist you.

After spending around 30 – 60 minutes discussing your needs and the options available to you, your clinician will then advise, prescribe or navigate you to the appropriate care based on your individual needs. If you need a prescription our clinician will organise this with our online pharmacy who will deliver to your door. 

Ultimately, being well-informed and making decisions that align with your values is key. Our aim is to support you in empowering your health journey.

This service is currently available to over 18’s living in the UK. It is a video appointment service only and does not offer emergency contraception, implants or coil fitting.  

Our Services

Menstrual Health

Would you like to understand more about your menstrual health?

We can discuss endometriosis and PCOS diagnostics, support and navigating care. We can talk this through with you and provide advice and guidance on your options and further management with your GP or specialists

Do you have PMS/ PMDD and would you like to explore your treatment options?.

Vaginal Health

Vulva and vaginal issues can happen at any age. Soreness, dryness, pain on intimacy are common symptoms that are often under managed.  These can occur in women whether they are sexually active of not.

This is something we can discuss with you in a private conferential consultation and advise on your treatment options and specialist management if indicated.

We highly recommend these resources on self examination too. 

Sexual Health

We firmly believe that every woman deserves a healthy and satisfying sex life should they want one. Initiating comfortable discussions and answering questions about sexual health to women of all ages,  we can help women who wish to prioritise their sexual health access comprehensive information and support.   We can provide a comprehensive range of sexual health screenings and contraceptive guidance.

Our goal is to ensure that women of all ages can experience a vibrant and fulfilling sex life. There’s been a resurgence of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among individuals over the age of 45. Despite the excitement that comes with exiting long-term relationships and embarking on new ones, many women overlook sexual health and pregnancy risks for extended periods. Postmenopausal women, who are less at risk of pregnancy, may neglect condom use, forgetting that condoms also offer protection against STIs.

Contraception Advice


Every woman has unique requirements when searching for contraception. It’s often challenging for women with hectic schedules to find appointments that suit their convenience. There are over a dozen methods of contraception to choose from. We will discuss all the choice available and provide advice on how you can access your choices.

In our virtual clinic we can prescribe the combined oral contraceptive, progesterone only pill, combined patch, contraceptive ring, contraceptive injection for self administration.  Where these are free and available on the NHS we will advise you. Some options are not available on the NHS due to cost and prescribing restrictions however we can prescribe them on a private prescription. 

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Additional Information

A blood pressure reading within 4 weeks is required for contraceptive prescriptions as is your body mass index (BMI – height and weight). Your GP, or local pharmacy can check your blood pressure. You can also purchase your own machine here.

We will send you an extensive health questionnaire so we can look at all aspects of your health and provide safe, individualised advice.