What is the post menopause?

This is the time after the menopause. When a women hasn’t experienced a period for over a year, she has become post menopausal.

Is it too late for treatment?

There is no upper age limit on starting and taking HRT. However these are nuanced discussions you need to have with an expert.

There is less evidence regarding starting HRT for older women. However, most women who are otherwise fit and well may still gain health benefits from taking HRT. ­Even if it has been more than 10 years since their menopause, and a small amount of estrogen replacement may alleviate symptoms. ​There are risks associated with any medication and it is always best to discuss your personalised treatment with an expert.

What next?

Book an appointment with us at the Hormone Health Clinic and we can provide advice and support on what you may need and what would be suitable for you.  We will send you a medical history questionnaire, a symptom survey and then book an up to hour long appointment to discuss all this with you and outline your choices.