Scope of work

Provide [insert company name} with the opportunity to book virtual consultations sessions for their employees with Minter et Al hormone health team.

Employees can do this directly with us by booking into on online calendar on a first come first serve basis or this can be managed internally. 

We are offering a 1st appointment and 3 month follow up with a menopause nurse/ GP specialist.  It is important if we see a patient and initiate a plan or medication that we review them for safety.  For employees with a contraindication to HRT like breast cancer we will offer a specialist GP appointment.  If employees inadvertently book the incorrect appointment type, once we have reviewed the pre appointment medical history we can move appointments as appropriate.

Example calendar for bookings

We can also provide an embedded iframe code should you wish to emebd this on your internal intranet page. 

We could provide a dedicate [insert company name} URL  on our website with more information about the service or provide you with information for your internal intranet.

To maintain confidentiality and data issues we would not provide any information about booked patients or whether the consultations were attended on an individual basis.  We could provide anonymised feedback on attendance.  [insert company name} would not need to provide information on these employees to us. 

If you wanted to approve or manage the bookings you could book employees directly to the calendar with name, DOB, preferred email and contact telephone number. We would ask employees to sign a waiver acknowledging that simply by making a booking their employer may be able to deduce they have booked a consultation, and that appointment attendance may be confirmed for invoice queries. 

A fixed cost of £XXXX or this block of XX Initial and follow up consultations will be charged for fixed days that we make available for employees to book.  This rate is payable irrespective of whether any employees book consultations and whether those consultations are attended – i.e., it is not refundable.

Fees to provide a dedicated clinic will be paid upfront to release a day of sessions.  The fees are exclusive of VAT.  There is not a requirement to keep days fee if fees are not paid on time. 

Option A – booked days for service.

Provide dedicated days for appointments.


Rate for reserving days and appointments  £XXXXX

Proposed days


Follow up appointments


Option B

Invoice for XX patients to have initial consultations and a 3 month follow up booked.

This would include XX nurse appointments and XX  Specialist appointments (for those with a history of breast cancer or contraindications to HRT)

XX x nurse consultations £199/ £250 1st Appointment and £125 follow up.  = £ XX

XX x specialist appointments £275 + 1st Appointment £185 follow up. = £ XX

Total £ XX (No VAT as a medical service)

These would be booked by contacting Lisa on 0333 242 3182.  She will organise appointments into the current virtual appointment diary availability and keep a track of when the appointments have been used up and notify you accordingly