What is the perimenopause?

There is no strict, well defined, medical definition. It is a combination of symptoms that may fluctuate over time, and can typically start to occur between the ages of 40-51.

The perimenopause is the time before this where oestrogen levels start to alter.  Many people are surprised to learn that oestrogen levels start declining from the age of 35 and that in the build-up to the menopause the oestrogen we produce is variable.

It is like a monthly rollercoaster, with fluctuating hormone levels, where some months you produce a lot of oestrogen and other months you don’t. Due to these fluctuations performing blood tests of hormone levels are pointless, diagnosis should be on discussing symptoms with a menopausal expert.

Due to the complexities around reaching a proper diagnosis we always recommend talking to a qualified healthcare professional.

What next?

Book an appointment with us at the Hormone Health Clinic and we can provide advice and support on what you may need and what would be suitable for you.  We will send you a medical history questionnaire, a symptom survey and then book an up to hour long appointment to discuss all this with you and outline your choices.

We can also prescribe your HRT on a private prescription if needed. Once the HRT dose is right we can also discuss adding in testosterone if it would be beneficial to you.

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