Your Virtual Coaching with Tina Halperin

Juggling career decisions, dealing with difficult relationships or coping with complex responsibilities can feel even more overwhelming when you reach the peri-menopause and then the menopause. It’s a time in our lives when we should feel at our peak in terms of life-skills and confidence – and yet as our hormones begin to fluctuate and/or decline they seem to rob us of our resilience, just at the wrong moment!

Whilst HRT can be incredibly beneficial in terms of helping to restore many of the physical and mental health aspects that are affected by our changing hormones, there’s only so much that hormone replacement can do…

At Minter et Al, we care about all aspects of our clients’ wellbeing, and we recognise that hormone health support often needs to come in different forms. Would you like to, but you’re not sure how to:

  • Rebuild your confidence?
  • Rekindle your motivation?
  • Rediscover your joy?
  • Feel more “in control”?
  • Improve your relationships at work or at home?
  • Find new perspectives on an aspect of your life?
  • Make some important decisions about changing an aspect of your life?

If any of these apply to you, then you may wish to consider some virtual coaching sessions with Tina.

How to book your coaching session

Virtual coaching sessions with Tina are available wherever you are in the UK, via video or telephone.
You’ll be very welcome to book a free of charge telephone consultation (lasting about 15 minutes) to see if it’s right for you.

If you decide to go ahead with the coaching, each session will last 45 minutes, during which time, Tina will guide you through a structured conversation and introduce you to some practical strategies to help you to reach your personal goals.


  • Single Coaching Session £95
  • Six Coaching Sessions £498

    £83 per session. The advantage of booking a series of six sessions (apart from the discounted cost per session), is that Tina will devise the contents of a bespoke coaching programme to suit your specific requirements/circumstances. You'll also receive a tailored Coaching Journal including some relevant reading material and written exercises/reflections to complete between sessions.


“I might never have signed up if it weren’t for the initial free call. Over the years, I’ve considered coaching multiple times but always convinced myself that I knew what to do and didn’t need to spend the money. Meeting Tina has changed that view. She’s incredibly easy to talk to, intuitive, and has a fantastic sense of humor! She understood me and my situation right from the start. It was amazing to feel truly heard and to leave with a practical, step-by-step plan that feels achievable. After just one session, I feel inspired to take control of my future. I’m excited to see where this journey leads!”

SJ (June 2024)