Menopause Resources for Health Care Professionals

Please see the below for various menopause resources we recommend for fellow healthcare professionals. 

Menopause Resources by Topic

Training Courses

The British Menopause Education Calendar shows all the upcoming webinars and talks. Read more. 

Confidence in the Menopause is a CPD-accredited course from Newson Health which is designed to increase health professional’s knowledge of, and confidence in, managing all aspects of the perimenopause and menopause.

Confidence in the menopause is built around a number of patient case-study based training modules to reflect the breadth of menopause care. These training modules centre around patients presenting with common physical and psychological symptoms, and patients with a history of other health conditions such as migraine, endometriosis, cervical cancer and breast cancer.

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With an active worldwide membership and over 40 affiliated societies, the European Menopause and Andropause Society (EMAS) is the key international society promoting health in women and men at midlife and beyond.

In their menopause-focused activities, they are committed to ensuring equality, diversity, and inclusion, as they strive to promote better health and well-being during this significant life stage.

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IMPART provides comprehensive practitioner training for healthcare professionals in managing acute menopausal symptoms and the long-term consequences of the changes that occur at menopause.

It systematically presents the benefits and risks of menopausal hormone therapy (MHT) and summarises currently available MHT options, as well as the efficacy and safety of complementary therapies for menopause.

It provides guidance in midlife preventative health care, including when and what basic health checks should be performed to prevent and detect bone loss and osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, gynaecological cancers, and poor psychological wellbeing.

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Organised by RDPI, these monthly talks are hosted by their Clinical Partners, Professor Isaac Manyonda and Professor Vikram Talaulikar alongside other specialists. 

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An educational initiative for nurses by nurses​​​​​ – the 2-day menopause course is aimed at nurses who regularly see and advise women about menopause issues.

Ideal for primary care nurses, others such as sexual health nurses, gynae nurses and those working in breast or oncology may find it useful. It will equip you to confidently advise and treat women. 

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