Lloyd's of London Clinic

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Please call 0333 242 3182 for this clinic availability or email contact@minteretal.com 

Lloyd's of London Clinic Fees

Initial Consultation (1 hour) | Face to Face | £250 
During the clinic consultation Lexie will take a detailed history, discuss your symptoms and concerns and review what choices are available for you for treatment. Lexie will discuss all your options available to you.

Prescription requests are free if generated within a consultation. This does not include the cost of the medication which will be in addition to this fee and charged by the pharmacy.

Follow up Consultation at 3 months (30mins) |Face to Face | £135
These consultations are open to women who have already had an initial consultation and been seen in the last twelve months. In this session Lexie will discuss your progress, review your treatment and then, with you, discuss a management plan. Consultation fees are exclusive of medication or pathology tests. Prescription generation is included in a consultation.

Example Private Prescription Costs
We will initiate your HRT with a private prescription for the first few months and establish the best dose and regime based on your symptoms and medical history. We can set up regular repeat HRT prescriptions or communicate your HRT treatment with your NHS GP to continue prescribing. Costs for a month’s supply of HRT will vary depending on the type of medication prescribed, but varies is around £14 per item. Testosterone is more expensive at £95 -£125 for a tube of cream that will last around 3-4 months. Please be aware that Androfeme testosterone is currently only available on a private prescription.

Lloyd's of London Clinic Contact Information

Lloyds of London is located at 1 Lime Street London. The Wellbeing Centre is on the Lower Ground Floor to the right as you come down the escalator.

Please note that you will require a pass to access the Lloyd’s building and this will be arranged by the wellbeing centre. Lift access is also available.