Hormone Health Clinic Prescriptions

We will prescribe your HRT on a private prescription or we can write to your GP and ask them to prescribe for you. This can be discussed in your consultation to find out what will work best for you. Most patients have 3 months of HRT prescribed to get started quickly and find what suits them. We will also write a detailed letter to the GP at your follow up appointment outlining your treatment plan and response. Our online pharmacy will make contact with you for payment and arrange delivery to your chosen address. 

Example costs of HRT

Private prescription costs vary but your chosen pharmacy will confirm prices with you before you order and pay. Example prices can be found here

As a rough guide on prices: 

  • Oestrogen patches/ gels/ spays are about £14 -£16 for a month’s supply
  • Micronised progesterone – Utrogestan is about £14- £20 for a month’s supply
  • Androfeme Testosterone costs about £97 -£105
  • Vaginal oestrogen costs about £14-£25 a month 

Types of HRT Prescribed

Oestrogen only HRT:

  • Prescribed if your uterus (womb) has been removed. 
  • If cervix remains (subtotal hysterectomy) or in cases of severe endometriosis, combined HRT may be necessary.


Sequential Combined HRT:

  • Daily oestrogen intake, with progestogen for 12 to 14 days out of a 28-day cycle.
  • Typically results in a monthly withdrawal/ menstrual  bleed.

Continuous Combined HRT:

  • Consists of daily oestrogen and progestogen intake.
  • Aims to halt any bleeding, but this may take several months to achieve.

Methods of Administration

Oestrogen is available in tablet, patch, gel, or spray forms.

Progestogen can be administered via tablets, patches (when combined with oestrogen), or the intrauterine system (Mirena).

Testosterone is delivered through creams or gels. Implants are generally discouraged. There is currently no licensed UK testosterone form for women; options include low doses of licensed male products or Androfeme cream female testosterone (licensed in Australia, available privately in the UK).

Some GPs in specific regions may prescribe male products for women on the NHS.

Body Identical and Bioidentical HRT

Comparison of Bioidentical Hormones:

  • Preferred: Regulated Body Identical HRT
    • Molecular structure identical to naturally produced hormones, derived from yam extract.
    • Available through NHS prescriptions or clinics.

  • Not Recommended: Compounded Bioidentical HRT
    • Offered by private clinics at high costs, often with excessive monitoring using blood, urine, or saliva tests.
    • May include unnecessary hormone combinations, and some progestogen types and doses may not adequately protect the uterine lining.
    • Lack regulation and licensing, and are not endorsed by the British Menopause Society.