Blood Tests

Blood test are not usually necessary to diagnose perimenopause and menopause however we think it best practice to exclude any other underlying causes of symptoms and we usually recommend blood tests if its your first appointment with us.  You are more than welcome to see your GP for blood tests and share the results with us.  

There is no need to have any tests before your first appointment. We tailor each set of tests to your personal needs after your first consultation with us. We find this approach minimises need for repeat tests and missing out on tests we feel may be helpful.

We offer several options of nurse taken professional blood testing. We do not offer home finger-prick testing as in our experience the results are not as consistent as we would like. These will be arranged at your first consultation.

Hormone Health Clinic Blood Tests

Prices are the same for our home visit nurse service and in clinic blood tests. We can organise blood tests anywhere in the UK with our home visit nurse service.  Blood tests can also be organised at Wimple Street in London and at One Ashford Hospital.  

Home Tests